Types of Graphic Designing

Graphic designing uses visual composition to communicate an idea through typography, imagery, colour and form.

Each type of graphic design requires a specific set of skills and design techniques. if you are an aspiring Designer or seeking design services for your business you must understand the different types of graphic design.

There are 5 Types of Graphic designing

  • Visual identity Graphic design
  • Advertising Graphic design
  • UI Graphic design
  • Packaging Graphic Design
  • Motion Graphic design

Visual Identity Graphic Design– A brand is a relationship between a business and its audience. A brand identity is how the business communicates its Personality, tone and essence, as well as memories emotions. Visual identity graphic designers must know a general knowledge of all types of graphic design.

Advertising graphic design-marketing professionals require graphic designers for designing small business cards and large projects like brochures and business cards and large projects as well. Advertising design is engaging, and companies rely on effective graphic design in order to tap into the buying decisions of customers.

UI graphic design- A user interface is how the user interacts with the device and application. A UI includes all of the things a user interacts with- the screen keyboard but in the context of graphic design, UI focus on the design on the screen graphic elements like buttons, menus and more.

Packaging graphic Design-Products in the markets require some form of Packaging to Protect and Prepare them for storage, distribution and sales. packaging Design helps communicate directily to custmors.

Motion Graphic design– Motion Graphic are graphics that are in motion